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Why Is Your Website Under Performing?

Usually the problem isn’t the design of the website that’s the problem but how its optimised for search engines.  Google for instance, has to pick out your site from the millions of competing sites out there.  Why would it?  Unless your website gives of the right signals it will go to the back of the queue and your potential customers won’t find you.  And so you lose business.

Website Tune-up

If your website is not getting the views you hoped for or the sales you were expecting in which case it’s not helping your business.  You probably need a website tune-up.

When your website isn’t bringing in the amount of business it should the problem should first be diagnosed.  From there it’s possible to take the actions necessary to make it stand out from the crowd and signal to the search engines that it is worthy of a place at the top of the search results.

What I do For You

Immediate Results

After evaluating your website in detail and for free I can identify steps that can be taken to improve your website search results.  If I can’t see any way to improve your site for any reason I’ll tell you.  I’ll discuss with you the goals you have for your website and any changes you would like to see.

The website tune-up service includes keyword research, content editing, metadata  remediation, links and citations, usability and performance.  This is generally called Site Engine Optimisation or SEO for short.  The performance of your site can be greatly improved in just a few days with better search results following over the next few weeks and months.  At only  $199.00* , it’s a bargain to ensure one of your most valuable business assets is bringing current and relevant information to the attention of potential customers.  My unique performance related money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is secure.  No improvement = no payment.

Long-Term Results

A website tune-up will give you quick results but what about the long term?  To keep your site in tip-top condition for search I can carry out regular maintenance to ensure that results keep on improving over time. Remember that a website must be kept up-to-date and constantly improved or it will go stale and wither away in search results.  Search engines take note of the attention your website is give (or not) to keep it updated and relevant.  This work will keep it competitive in the search results over time.

No Risk to You

Your payment for optimisation is fully refundable if no improvement to your search results is made within one month.  So your money is safe.  No result = no cost to you.

*Includes a 4-hour mixture of research, content and programming time.

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