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New Zealand is made up of many Rural towns and communities with small businesses.  The Internet offers a great opportunity to small business owners in rural locations to expand their horizons, their business and their income.

A fully fledged website can seem like unnecessary extravagance for many small businesses and services who serve a small community. Also, with millions of websites to compete against, their expensive website is likely to get lost in cyberspace, to all intents and purposes useless to them. New Zealand Online offers such business immediate access to Internet marketing at absolutely no cost and minimal effort.  Our directory is absolutely unique.  The modern, professionally designed free website page includes a picture gallery, social network integration and Google Maps so that your potential customers can see what you do and locate you easily. The page is easy to set up and manage yourself.  It can be updated at any time by simply logging on to your account.

Even if you already have a website, our free website pages are still a great proposition providing as they do, more chance of your business being discovered online but also a valuable link to your website.  As you will realise, links are a crucial part of Site Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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